Kristoffer Jacobson, Editor
Backdoor Books is pleased to announce the publication of
Brian Staker's

from Mediatations 3
. . . sprung instant structures writing the deconstructionary
the skin stretched across the skull movies about moving
city of alacrity helping the made child crop circle jerk
economy of comedy the marginal mage wrinkle shifter
rhizome bicycle examine yr most deep-seated belief
elaborate labyrinth we worship work dyskinesia can ease
ya breaking the page the soul swells like a photographic
negative tantra lamprey the only cologne i'm wearing is
'le'me t'f'cologne' Kent Register of Deeds Demerol Drive
star duct megalomedia a spanish fork to eat spanish food
burn pattern analysis "We are all fundamentally . . .
copyright 1999 by Brian Staker
BRIAN STAKER is the author of The Postmaster General and a monograph on the Yucatan artist, Joan Duran. Staker lives and works in Salt Lake City, Utah. His journalism/criticism has appeared in numerous publications, including Art Notes. Portions of his on-going poetic work, Mediatations, have been published in Western Humanities Review, n/formation, and Lethologica.
Mediatations 3 measures 140 mm x 190 mm, is illustrated, and comes in heavy wrappers with color label. 28pp., stapled.
$7.00. Signed $15.00. S&H $1.50 for first copy; 50 cents for each additional copy.
Send check or money order to: Backdoor Books, PO Box 521952, Salt Lake City, UT, 84152
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